Saturday, July 5, 2008

Great American Afghan book of squares

This square pattern is in the Great American Afghan book by Traci Bunkers. I plan to make each square in this book. No timeline but I am going to try. This square took only two days to do. I plan to make it square a different color.

Peacock Feathers by Fiddlesticks Knitting KAL

I am doing the Peacock Feathers KAL, I just finished Chart 1 and 1A and will be ready for chart 2 when I get to work on it again. The yarn is by Jaggerspun Zephyr in the bottle green color. I just love this yarn. Usually I am allergic to wool but this combination I do not feel the itchy fingers when I have touched wool before. I cannot get it here in Wichita, so whenever my son comes up from Plano, or I, my brothers go down there, I call in a order of yarn from the Woolie Ewe in Plano, Texas. That store is to die for! Anyone that finds themselves in Plano, Texas must stop in to see Woolie Ewe, you won't regret it.

I have signed up for so many Knitalongs

This is the first clue on one of my knitalongs. It is the Slow Bee Mystery I Shawl Knitalong. I am doing it on some cone yarn that a friend of mine had given me a few years ago, but I hadn't done anything with the yarn yet.

July 5th,2008 a little about my knitting background

I started knitting back in 1974, at a shop in Wichita, Kansas called Knit Knacks. I was pregnant with my first child then, who turned out to be my first son, Christopher. My mother and I went in and saw all the beautiful yarns, patterns and signed up for classes with Kelly. We enjoyed many years of friendship with the owners, Max and Virginia Brubaker.
Kelly wanted me to start on something easy, but no, I had to be one to take the bull by the horns and I wanted to knit a baby christening blanket. I did knit the christening blanket and Christopher wore it for his baptism. Last year, I gave it to him to keep at his house.
I knitted my middle son and christening outfit and my daughter Sara, a christening blanket.
I have also knitted doll clothes, dish cloths, sweaters, etc. I knitted my daughter Sara a vest when she was in grade school, she wore it till she just couldn't wear it anymore, I washed it and kept it and when my daughter Shanya was in elementary school, she wore it. My granddaughter, Sierra has worn it, so it definitely was well made and got my money out of it.
Now that all but Shanya are all grown, and I have grandchildren, I still knit.
But I have discovered one thing.....................................

LACE SHAWLS!!!!!!!!!!